Apps for learning and exploration (3-5)

1.jpg    Rhythm Cat Lite, App Store (free)

Tap rhythms to a background track and try to score 3 stars! Pro HD version is available for $4.99

2.jpg    Learn & Play Recorder, App Store ($3.99)

Fantastic beginning recorder method! Project from your iPad on screen for full class use – students love playing the 8 to 16 measure melodies with background tracks. Resources included are full fingering chart, history, care and playing basics.

3.jpg    Soundrop, App Store

Fun tone manipulation game that is a popular choice for rewards time. Not compatible with iOS 11

4.jpg    Staff Wars, App Store ($0.99)

Best dollar you’ll ever spend! This simple game teaches note names in 3 clefs and is popular with all my grade 3-5 students.

5.jpg    The Nutcracker, App Store ($2.99)

Beautiful storybook app with excellent illustrations and music. A great introduction to the full ballet when projected from your iPad. Even upper grade students love the illustrations!

Apps for presentation and assessment

1.jpg    iTunes Remote, App Store (free)

Operate your iTunes files from anywhere in the room. Requires both computer and iPad to be operating on the same wireless band.

2.jpg    Keynote, App Store ($9.99)

Compose Keynote presentations on your iPad, access presentations stored in iCloud or operate Keynote files on your computer remotely. Requires both computer and iPad to be operating on the same wireless band.

3.jpg    Doceri, ($30.00 for software, app is free)

Control your teacher computer remotely from anywhere in the room with your iPad. Allows annotation, has a whiteboard feature and presentations can be recorded with audio (think screencast from the iPad). Does not require both devices to be on the same wireless band.

4.jpg    Gradebook system apps (various, usually free)

If you haven’t already, check to see if your web-hosted student systems software has an app. This is for ours (Synergy), but Power School has one as well. They save a lot of time when doing quick observed skills assessments.

5.jpg    Class Dojo, (free)

Behavior incentive points system. Sign up on the website, set up your classes then download the free app and award points from anywhere. Even on your phone! Reporting options are available – you can also email reports on individual students to parents.

6.jpg    Rubrics, App Store (Free 30 day trial; full subscription $5.99/year)

Pricey for an app but worth the money. Develop your rubrics on the iPad, with archive and reporting capability. Teachers in my building love this app!

7.jpg    Socrative, and App Store (free)

Create written assessments and exit polls digitally, both multiple choice and short answer. Auto grading option for multiple choice. You can choose from several reporting options. Great alternative to paper for a 1:1 environment! Grade 2 and up.