Session Notes

Advocate for Technology

Feeling left behind? This session will show you how to be an advocate for your classroom technology through several steps that include how to make your case, lay out a proposal, talk to your administrators and more.

Presented at:

  • MMEA Summer Technology Workshop, Ann Arbor (MI), July 2018

Session notes for Advocate for Technology

Video: Left Out (YouTube)

Proposal Template


QR for Assessment and Fun

This session demonstrates several ways QR codes can be used in K-2 music classrooms for fun activities and assessments. Materials for several sample assessments and activities will be shared for attendees to use in their own classrooms.  Attendees should download a QR code reader app on their tablet or smart phone prior to this session.

Presented at:

  • MMEA Summer Technology Workshop, Olivet MI, June 2017

Session notes for QR for Assessment and Fun


Digital Do Re Mi

Discover how to choose and use technology for a number of teaching tasks from making the most of your teacher iPad to altering MP3 files. Topics include digital assessments, interactive whiteboards and apps for learning, presenting and personal productivity.

Presented at:

  • MMC (Michigan Music Conference), Grand Rapids MI, January 2014
  • Ti:ME National Conference, San Antonio TX, February 2016
  • MMEA (Michigan Music Education Association) Technology Workshop, Hartland MI,  June 2016
  • Ti:ME Pre-Conference at NYSSMA (New York State School Music Association), Rochester NY, December 2016

Session notes for Digital Do Re Mi

Video: Paper is not Dead (YouTube)

Resource List – a few of my favorite things


Tradition + Tech: Applications for Technology in K-2 Music

Technology can be used with any traditional method when teaching general music, even in the lower grades. Learn how to choose and use technology meaningfully to enhance curriculum in a K-2 environment through lesson samples, software recommendations and ideas that you can adapt to your teaching style.

Presented at:

  • MMC, Grand Rapids MI,  January 2015
  • Ti:ME National Conference, San Antonio Tx, February 2016
  • NYSSMA, Rochester NY, December 2016

Session Notes for Tradition + Tech

Resource List

Switch It Up! Student Directed Learning Through Technology

Adding lessons that change the class from teacher directed to student directed can be energizing for a teacher and inspiring for students. Learn several ways you can begin to switch up your general music classroom even if technology is not your strong point. Methods covered include using iPads and apps, games, web-hosted sites, online discussion and assessments. This session is geared toward general music classes grades 3-8, but some applications are useful for instrumental and HS classes.

Presented at:

  • MMC, Grand Rapids MI, January 2016

Session Notes for Switch It Up!

GarageBand Demo Video


Interactive Options for the K-5 Music Classroom

No interactive board in your classroom? No problem! There are options available that can work for you with as little as a computer, projector and teacher iPad. Learn what to consider before choosing, hardware/software combinations and which questions you need to ask your IT department beforehand. Lesson ideas and choosing technology to suit your teaching style will also be discussed.

Presented at:

  • MMEA Technology Workshop, Hartland MI, June 2016
  • MMC, Grand Rapids MI, January 2017
  • Ti:ME SW Regional Conference at TMEA, San Antonio TX, February 2017

Session Notes for Interactive Options

Video: Stuck on an Escalator (YouTube)

Video: Using Doceri (demonstration)